FOXPRO Game Calls


FOXPRO went from a single-man operation to more than a 70 person operation from 1993 – 2015. FOXPRO products are sold worldwide and are not just limited to the predator hunting community. On numerous occasions, FOXPRO has been contacted by universities and government agencies to build custom units for their specific needs. Where other companies did not have the engineering abilities to take on such a task, FOXPRO did-and did so successfully. FOXPRO has also worked with the U.S. military, oil refineries, and many other businesses and organizations.

FOXPRO will continue to develop new cutting edge products well into the future. A brief look at the product line from 1993 to current will allow you watch the evolutionary cycle that FOXPRO has gone through and will leave you with anticipation on where it will go next.


USA made product by Americans that love to predator hunt!!

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