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Our vision began with connecting hunters with the right tools within their budget to have success in the field. You helped us grow into a household name within the night time hunting industry. We thank you for trusting Southern Precision Outdoors.

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We've got thermals scopes for every budget starting at $999. Not looking to pay everything at once, Add that thermal to your cart and see what Affirm has to offer. Enjoy that thermal while making payments on it. Enter your zip code to have sales tax removed if you live outside Georgia.


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If you want the best, you want southern precision outdoors.

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Thermal Scopes for every budget and every hunter!

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Hunting at night may involve a great deal of patience and skill, but you won’t be seeing much action without a good set of eyes. But not all thermals and monoculars are built equal: and that's why we only sell the best. We take pride in our thermal lineup! Grab your thermal because we ride at dusk ! Moons out, Goons Out!


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Looking for hunting accessories? We carry those too! From battery extenders to cleaning kits to bags, shirts, and lanyards... and every kind of add-on, adapter, battery, and mount under the sun.

Thermal Monoculars

Bringing Only The Best Gear Into the Field

Improve your hunting tactics with a thermal handheld scanner! Nothing better than leaving your rig on the tripod and scanning freely with a hand scanner versus having your eye behind the scope all night. Or scan more fields faster while not having to lift the rig up. Trust us this is a must!

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Southern Precision Outdoors was started by a group of like-minded hunters in Georgia who love to hunt hogs and coyotes, but have a vested interest in better gear and providing more dirt naps.

We stand by every product we recommend... and by every customer. So if you ever need anything, even if it's just advice about what product might be best for your situation, don't hesitate to reach out by phone or email. We'll make you feel like part of the family.


I've hunted with and tested them all and my opinion is, the Rattler TS25-384 is absolutely worth the extra money. Thanks SPO
Hog Hunter

The hogster vibe 35 is awesome ! It exceeded my expectations for such a well priced unit from sighting it in to putting it to work in the fields and it’s also very easy to use with big buttons that are easy to memorize without looking ! The unit itself is lighter than a normal rifle scope that I took off my gun. I would recommend this unit and the company southern precision outdoors to anyone ! They have such great customer service and will answer any questions you have with knowledgeable experience ! Thanks again Shane W. !

Coyote Hunter

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