AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope: Unveiling the Next Generation of Thermal Imaging

The AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope series represents a pivotal leap forward in thermal imaging technology for hunters and tactical shooters alike. Launched with much anticipation, the V2 series by AGM Global Vision introduces a range of enhancements that set new standards for clarity, functionality, and performance in the field. Available at Southern Precision Outdoors, this line-up promises to redefine your hunting adventures.

AGM Rattler V2 vs. V1: Key Enhancements Over the AGM Rattler V1

  • Upgraded Thermal Sensor
  • Extended Battery Life and Versatility
  • Enhanced Recording Capabilities
  • User Interface and Display Improvements
  • Versatility Across Models

Upgraded Thermal Sensor

The AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope boasts a superior 12-micron sensor, offering finer detail in thermal imaging. This upgrade from the V1’s 17-micron sensor means sharper images and more effective target identification, especially in adverse weather conditions. The sensor’s improved sensitivity (sub-20 mk) ensures exceptional performance even in challenging environments.

Extended Battery Life and Versatility

AGM has addressed one of the most critical aspects of thermal scope use – battery life. The V2 series features a removable and rechargeable battery system, ensuring 9-11.5 hours of operation. This flexibility allows users to extend their hunting sessions without worry. Additionally, the compatibility with external battery banks, available through Southern Precision Outdoors, further enhances field usability.

Enhanced Recording Capabilities

A standout feature of the AGM Rattler V2 is its integrated video and audio recording functionality, allowing hunters to capture their experiences with clarity. The addition of Shot Activated Recording ensures no moment is missed, automatically capturing the critical shot without manual intervention.

User Interface and Display Improvements

The V2 series introduces an improved user interface and button layout, making operation seamless even with gloves on. The high-profile 5-button layout and enhanced brightness and contrast settings allow for quick adjustments in the field. The introduction of a Warm/Cold Display Setting Mode offers personalized viewing options to reduce eye strain and improve visibility.

Versatility Across Models

The AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope is available in various models to suit different hunting and shooting requirements. The 384 model, in particular, strikes a perfect balance between performance and affordability, offering a detailed thermal image that enhances the hunting experience. Whether you’re targeting hogs or coyotes, there’s a V2 model designed to meet your specific needs.

Video Comparison: AGM Rattler V2 50-640 vs. AGM Rattler V1 50-640


The AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scope series is a game-changer for hunters and tactical shooters seeking the edge in thermal imaging technology. With significant improvements over the V1 model, the V2 series offers unparalleled thermal imaging performance, battery life, and recording capabilities. Explore the AGM Rattler V2 series at Southern Precision Outdoors and experience the future of thermal imaging today.

Where can I buy the AGM Rattler V2?

Find Your AGM Rattler V2 at Southern Precision Outdoors

Southern Precision Outdoors is proud to carry the full range of AGM Rattler V2 Thermal Scopes. Whether you’re looking for the versatility of the 384 model or the high-end precision of the 640 models, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you select the perfect thermal scope for your hunting adventures.