Gun Cleaning Kit

gun cleaning kitA quality gun cleaning kit is quite possibly the most important thing a hunter or sport shooter shouldn’t be without. Without a doubt, you additionally need ammunition, targets, and holsters, however on the off chance that your weapon is a messy wreck —, you will make some terrible memories at the firing range and, perhaps, in the field.

A gun cleaning kit can be assembled from the necessary components — brushes, rods, patches, solvents — and it will work perfectly well, but a pre-assembled kit is more convenient and streamlined. As a result, you won’t have to worry about brushes and rods not being compatible or having the wrong tools for the job. While there are many different gun cleaning kits available, they aren’t all the same. And that’s not a bad thing since different kits serve different purposes. I’ll run down the pros and cons of three of the best gun cleaning kits in this buyer’s guide. You should also keep in mind that the cleaning kit is useless unless you are able to properly clean a rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when cleaning a gun.

Take Care of Your Tools, Or They Will Fail.

  1. If you don’t do it right, or don’t do it, eventually your rifle will fail to function, or start shooting groups the size of a garbage can lid, or both.
  2. There is no single “correct” cleaning procedure. No two people do it exactly alike.
  3. If you want to do the job right, get a borescope so you can look down the barrel and actually see what’s going on. Once upon a time, this involved spending considerable money. Now there are probably half a dozen out there that are eminently affordable. Without a borescope, you’re working blind.
  4. Cleaning a bore is not one job. It is two separate jobs. First, you get to deal with powder fouling. Second, you have to remove copper fouling. Only then are you done.

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