AGM ARM52-44 Rattler TC35 Front 44mm QR Adapter 6306RC41


AGM Comanche-Mini 3AW1 Night Vision Clip-On System with FOM 1400-1800 Gen 3 Auto-Gated P45 White Phosphor “Level 1”. Made in USA.

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Use the optional Front Q-R Adapter to install the Rattler TC onto day scope lenses. The adapter must fit with the day scope front lens diameter. There are optional adapters for 30 mm, 44 mm, 50 mm and 56 mm objective lenses diameter.

The Front Q-R Adapter is not recommended for installing the Rattler TC on firearms with heavy dynamic recoil (0.308 Win or stronger).

The Rattler TC cannot be attached to scopes that include focus rings on the housing of the objective lens.


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