AGM Neith DS32-4MP Daytime and Nighttime Digital Night Vision Scope

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Key Features
  • 2.5-20x Magnification
  • 1920 x 1080 OLED Display
  • Built-In IR Illuminator
  • Video & Image Capture
  • Wi-Fi for Streaming via AGM Connect App
  • Shot-Activated Recording

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The Neith DS is a digital day & night vision scope developed for 24 hours operation in all ambient lighting
conditions. This digital rifle scope has an advanced ultra-low light optical detector and 1920×1080 OLED
display – providing full-color clarity in daytime and classic black & white viewing at night. The Neith
supports multiple display modes including, day mode, night mode, defog mode, and more. The scope is
equipped with built-in memory storage for video recording and image capturing. A Wi-Fi module for live
video streaming and video/ image recording via the AGM Connect application is also available.
A built-in long-range infrared illuminator provides advanced viewing capabilities and is ideally suited for
operations in low-light / no-light conditions. One 18650 rechargeable battery provides long continuous

operation. An external 5V power bank (battery pack) can be easily connected via a USB connector for a
significant increase in operating time.


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