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Elevate your night vision experience with the advanced Pulsar Telos XQ35 Thermal Imaging Scope, a game-changer available at a value price. Engineered to surpass the highly acclaimed Helion series, the Telos XQ35 introduces significant upgrades, including a sophisticated 384 x 288, 17µm thermal sensor and a premium 35mm F/1.0 germanium lens. This powerful combination delivers versatile magnification from 3.0-12x and an extensive detection range of up to 1400 yards, ensuring unparalleled performance in the field.

The Telos XQ35 stands out with its ultra-sensitive <25mK NETD thermal sensor, providing extraordinary image quality even in challenging weather conditions. Enhanced by Pulsar’s proprietary image boost technology and a crisp 1024 x 768 AMOLED display, the scope offers remarkable detail and clarity.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Telos XQ35 features an adjustable objective focus for easy, one-handed operation and a non-slip, rubberized housing for a secure grip in all conditions. Its intuitive control layout is accessible for both left and right-handed users, making it a versatile tool for all adventurers.

The device is powered by the innovative LPS 7i quick-change battery pack, ensuring a minimum of 8 hours of operation without the need for a proprietary charger. The universal USB-C cable simplifies recharging, and wireless charging capabilities add to the convenience. Battery replacement is effortless, even in complete darkness.

Incorporating all the hallmark features of Pulsar devices, the Telos XQ35 comes with integrated photo and video recording capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, and compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 App. Its IPX7 waterproof rating and robust housing guarantee durability in the toughest environments.

With Pulsar’s exceptional 5-year warranty (3-Year standard warranty with a 2-Year extension upon USA warranty registration), and a reputation for outstanding customer service, the Telos XQ35 is an investment in quality and reliability. Explore the full range of features, including high-resolution imaging, extensive magnification, and user-friendly design, making it the optimal choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the best in thermal imaging technology.

Discover Unmatched Clarity and Performance with the Pulsar Telos XQ35:

• Exceptional Image Resolution: Enjoy sharp, detailed images with a 384 × 288 thermal resolution, bringing your outdoor explorations to life.
• Premium Optics: The 35mm F/1.0 lens offers superior light gathering for clear, bright images, even in low-light conditions.
• Ultra-Fine Detail: With a 17-micron pixel pitch, capture the smallest details for precise identification and tracking.
• Advanced Thermal Sensitivity: Less than 25 MK NETD ensures outstanding thermal detection and contrast, even through fog, smoke, or rain.
• Smooth Visualization: A 50 Hz frame rate allows for seamless observation of fast-moving objects.
• Vivid Display: The high-contrast 1024 × 768 resolution AMOLED display provides striking visuals and deep blacks.
• Flexible Magnification: Zoom in on your targets with 3.0 – 12.0X magnification and 4x digital zoom, perfect for various distances.
• Wide Field of View: A 10.7-degree field of view offers expansive landscape coverage, ensuring you miss nothing.
• User-Friendly Focus: Easily adjust the objective focus for sharp imaging, tailored to your viewing needs.
• Long-Range Detection: Spot subjects up to 1400 yards away, making it ideal for expansive terrains.

Export of night vision/thermal equipment and optical sighting equipment is controlled by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations Part 120-130 and/or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) U.S. Department of Commerce. Please see below for more information.


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