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Author: Shane Womack

How Does a Thermal Scope Work?

By Shane Womack

The fact that we live in such a fascinating era is no doubt a blessing from fate, regardless of how many problems and inconveniences modern life may bring. Every morning, we wake up and read the news feed at breakfast to discover new discoveries in science that help us open up new horizons. Several decades…

The Biggest Untapped Hunting Grounds in the USA

By Shane Womack

The annual “Best Towns for Sportsmen” feature has been an institution at multiple blogs and magazines for the past five years. Local newspapers even praise their towns’ inclusion within the ranking; and realtors feel obligated to order extra copies of the issue based on the reader’s arguments. Instead of focusing on the socio-economic data, we’re…

Hunting Across Generations: Taking Your Kids Along

By Shane Womack

Deer hunting is an outdoor sport that may be in danger of extinction. The hunting industry peaked in 1982, according to the North Carolina State University College of Natural Resources. The sport has lost about 18 million participants since that time. Over the past three decades, hunting license sales in the United States have decreased…

How Women Hunters Are Shaking Up The Sport

By Shane Womack

Isn’t it interesting that women are the fastest-growing segment of hunters? Starting in 2020, over 1 million women hunters took to the field in deer season. Cancer rates in men increased by 24 percent and those in women by 21 percent between 2010 and 2020. Within the same time frame, cancer deaths have increased by…